• Traditional motors rely on critical materials to function
  • A small set of countries export critical materials
  • C-Motive machines use no magnets or electrical steel


C-Motive’s electrostatic motors are made with a simplified, regional, and secure supply chain in mind. In the current market, a small number of countries have control over the majority of critical materials necessary for modern high performance motors. These countries have an incredible amount of power and are able to manipulate prices, control where materials are exported to, and even stop exporting materials entirely.


Instead of magnets, copper windings, or electrical steel, electrostatic motors use printed circuit board plates and a proprietary dielectric liquid. Both of these materials can be sourced around the world and are not reliant on a single supplier or country.

Percent of Total Machine Weight by Materials
Permanent Magnet Motor Induction Motor C-Motive's Electrostatic Motor
Copper 10% - 20% 15% - 35% 1%
Electrical Steel 30% - 40% 40% - 60% 0%
Magnets 3% - 10% 0%