C-Motive has designed a sub-5 kW (7 hp) industrial motor platform designed for direct drive applications where high efficiency and high torque lead to substantial operational savings. A 1.5 kW (2 hp) C-Motive machine could save up to $1,400 a year in energy costs in a typical industrial application.

Using electrostatic technology patented by C-Motive’s co-founders, we are focused on a platform of products ideal for stationary industrial applications such as conveyors, material handling, high volume / low speed fans, pumps, industrial mixing and extrusion equipment. The diameter and the length of the machine can be altered to meet a wide variety of torque and power levels, making it fully customizable to fit your technical needs.

Innovating new technology involves making it smaller, lighter, and more efficient. C-Motive’s technology accomplishes this easily, delivering the most torque per unit weight of any machine on the market without the additional expense and maintenance of a gearbox or belt drive system. Performing this torque delivery at upper 90% efficiency is a game-changing answer for a wide array of industrial applications, making it a fundamental new tool in designing highly compact and efficient drivetrains.

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