The C-Motive CAP Program.

Needs Assessment.

The first step to determine if an electrostatic machine is a good fit for your application is to join the C-Motive CoolTorq Advanced Prototype (CAP) program. Sharing application needs, machine specifications, and previous technical challenges will give C-Motive’s technical team the necessary information to model how an electrostatic machine will do the job. Our team will evaluate those details against the CoolTorq10 and CoolTorq20 machine platforms and provide performance projections for your application.

Prototype Testing.

The next phase of the CAP program is to sign up to receive demo units for testing at your facilities or share test profiles with C-Motive for testing in our laboratory. Electrostatic prototype machines can be rented for a period of time for in-house testing. Sharing test results with C-Motive will allow our team to compare performance projections to actual data and understand the refinements necessary (if any) to meet the needs of the application.

Platform Customization.

Determining the proper CoolTorq platform is more than just understanding size, torque, and speed. Collaborating on details of mounting design challenges, output shaft design, or other requests will allow C-Motive to recommend, spec, and quote electrostatic machines for purchase. While entry into the C-Motive CAP program is limited, it offers more than just an advanced look at the next generation of the electric machine, it is a way to secure competitive advantages in the marketplace with the most efficient, highest torque density, and easiest to integrate machine available the market.

Interested in being a C-Motive CAP partner?

Interested in a demonstration unit, want to share your application information for us to review? Contact us for more information.

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