Our Mission.

C-Motive’s mission is to create electric machines that directly reduce carbon emissions through empowering higher efficiency renewable generators, enabling the next generation of e-mobility, and delivering more efficient industrial torque motors. C-Motive’s unmatched torque, efficiency, and simplicity will create more renewable power and waste less electricity.

Our Vision.

Since the beginning, C-Motive’s co-founders have envisioned how innovations in electric machine technology could open the door to reducing gigatons of carbon emissions on a global scale.

In order to realize that vision and drive global impact, we know we must build a solid foundation of community, culture, and attitude. C-Motive is committed to assembling and cultivating the best team – one that is capable and empowered to accomplish anything that we set ourselves to – and one that stands with the best and brightest startup teams not just in Madison, or the Midwest, but across the United States and the world.

Our Values.


Customers and colleagues count on us to do our jobs; we meet our commitments and finish what we start.


We are all professionals contributing to the success of C-Motive. No matter how big or small our team may be, the best ideas come from all of us, not just some of us.


We never compromise integrity in creating technology, products, and work that we are proud to put our names on and our customers are excited to purchase.

It Takes a Village.

Meet the faces behind the technology that makes us so unique.