Tell me about C-Motive.

C-Motive is an early-stage, venture-backed hardware technology company that is developing and building the next generation of electric motors.

As compared to traditional electric motors that rely on magnetic forces, we use ’static cling’ – the same force that keeps clothes stuck together coming out of a dryer or causes your hair to stand on end if you rub your head with a balloon.

What makes C-Motive different?

While the concept of electrostatic machines dates back to Benjamin Franklin, C-Motive is the only company that has successfully produced commercially viable units. We have taken a multidisciplinary approach to the science behind the product – optimizing mechanical design, electrical topology, and developed the ’secret sauce’ electrochemistry.

All of this technology is backed by a number of patents, trade secrets, and the technical knowledge of the team with a combined 7 Ph.D.s in electrostatic machine technology.

Do C-Motive motors work with a commercial off-the-shelf ‘drive’?

An electric machine ‘drive’ is the common name for the power electronics that sit between the input electrical power (a wall socket, battery pack, etc.) and the motor to deliver the right type of electrical power and control the motor operation.

No, C-Motive machines do not work with a commercial off-the-shelf drive. Electrostatic machines require a different drive topology than commercial off-the-shelf motors. These drives are produced by C-Motive and have equivalent efficiency as commercial drives, but are configured differently to deliver the high voltage needed by our machines.

Can machines be customized or built to order?

Yes. Once our technical team has a better understanding of your application needs, we can evaluate if it would be better to tailor one of our current machines for your application or a custom design. Either way, we’d be happy to learn more and get your requirements.

How do I get early access to this technology?

We are providing units for initial demo applications. You will be able to demo electrostatic machines for internal testing and have access to C-Motive’s technical team to evaluate, design, and give performance projections for your specific application.

Which markets are C-Motive focused on?

Our electrostatic motors and generators can be used for almost any application that uses a traditional magnetic machine today. However, our initial focus is on applications that are lower speed [less than 500 revolutions per minute (RPM)] and high torque (twisting force). Our machines are extremely high efficiency (greater than 98% in most applications) and can be operated without a gearbox and without any active cooling.

Example initial target markets for us are in material handling (conveyors), robotics, and low speed, high volume fans (including cooling towers). Our initial set of products will be tailored for these applications while we continue to develop machines for e-mobility and renewable generation.