Transforming Motion with Electrostatic Motors.


The World's First Commercially Available Electrostatic Machine.

A new generation of ultra-high efficiency and high torque motors requires a new approach based on electrostatic physics. C-Motive harnesses the power of static cling to breathe new life into the electric machine. What if engineers and designers were liberated from permanent magnets, gearboxes, and active cooling? Electrostatic machines deliver high torque and ultra-high efficiency at low speeds (below 500 rpm) all without any rare earth metals.

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No Torque Too Large. No Efficiency Too High.

C-Motive is commercializing electrostatic motors and generators across multiple industries. The current product platform delivers full four-quadrant electrostatic motors to enable the energy efficiency goals of Industry 4.0 (pumps, fans, cooling towers, material conveyance, robotics).  C-Motive’s team also develops electrostatic machines for the worlds most powerful e-mobility drivetrains and the highest efficiency renewable energy generators for both wind and wave.

Application Examples

Modular, Scalable, Customizable Motors and Generators.

Electrostatic machine technology can be scaled from a single kilowatt to tens of megawatts. C-Motive customizes machines designed for all purposes; whether that means small, modular torque motors for stationary applications or large, ruggedized machines for e-mobility drivetrains and multimegawatt generators for wind turbines. Review our current CoolTorq product platforms or share your requirements with C-Motive’s technology team to discuss built-to-order products.

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Enabling the Next Generation of Electrification.

Electricity is the world’s largest traded commodity and the bedrock on which society is built. Despite this, over 90% of electricity is generated and 50% consumed by traditional magnetic machine technology.  Magnetic machines are well known for being energy inefficient, but also require unsustainable rare-earth metals and an abundance of copper.

C-Motive believes there is a more efficient technology, both for converting energy to motion as well as more efficient use of resources and materials. CoolTorq machines are purpose-built for the most demanding applications and will fundamentally transform how society creates and uses electricity. C-Motive’s team and technology have the potential to save gigatons of carbon emissions and billions of dollars of otherwise wasted electricity. We don’t just have the potential to change the world, we’re committed to doing it.

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Every application is different, every customer has unique needs and requests. Tell us more about your needs and let’s talk about how electrostatic machines might be a good fit for your application.

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