Capacitive Power Coupler (CPC™) Makes “Design World” News

Greetings friends! Another bit of good news to share.

Our capacitive power coupling device, the CPC, was highlighted in a recent article in the “Design World” on-line magazine for its potential benefits as a replacement for slip rings in wind turbines. Wind Power Engineering Reporter Paul Dvorak pointed to the CPC’s robust design, ability to tolerate strong vibrations, minimal maintenance requirements, and power density capabilities as advantages over existing slip ring technologies.  “Slip rings are expensive . . . and wear out at least once in a wind turbine’s 20 year life,” writes Dvorak.  “Recent rethinking of the device makes use of the capacitive-coupling phenomena . . .This non-contact approach is said to require no maintenance, and it’s more compact and lighter than inductive power transfer techniques.”  The article also explains some of the more technical aspects of the CPC’s design.  Click here to read the entire story.