Bridge Round Behind Us

Hello from C-Motive's work-garage in Madison, Wisconsin, where we're celebrating the close of our first seed-stage bridge round.  We only stopped for a moment to relax, though, because we're busy readying our machines for the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) March 16-20 in Forth Worth, Texas.  Come visit us at Booth 848 if you're out that way, we'd be glad to chat. We'll be presenting a live demo of our Capacitive Technology Platform™ for the first time on a national stage.

We've made some significant progress over the last couple months, watching our technology grow from prototype to the Beta test phase. Predictably, we've spent some long hours on SolidWorks™, MATLAB™ and SPICE. We're continually getting perplexed looks from workers at the local home improvement store due to the odd combinations of materials that we buy (today it was epoxy, Mason jars and pipe fittings). We've also discovered that the aroma of microwaved, day-old donuts meshes well with the fumes from our solder station. Who knew, right?

We're having a blast all the same.

Keep you posted,