C-Motive Partners with Top Global OEMs for Beta Tests in Two High Volume Applications.

MADISON—C-Motive is partnering with two Fortune 1000 companies to beta test its first product, a non-contact wireless power transfer device, in separate high-volume applications.

C-Motive’s Capacitive Power Coupler™ (CPC) is designed to replace high-maintenance slip rings and brushless exciters while providing greater control over the motor or generator.

“These beta tests will show that our products operate at unmatched efficiencies, provide significant cost-savings to OEMS, and are tough enough for heavy-duty use in dirty industrial environments,” said C-Motive CEO Justin Reed.

The CPC beta tests will be completed in December 2014.  C-Motive’s manufacturing partners have asked to remain confidential.

The CPC operates without copper windings and rare-earth magnet materials, using C-Motive’s patented Capacitive Technology Platform.  Each of C-Motive’s products is based on the fundamental technology of the CPC, which includes a proprietary, multidisciplinary set of innovations that set it apart, both in energy and cost efficiency, from similar products in existence or under development today.