A Letter From CEO Justin Reed Kicks Off C-Motive's Blog

Welcome to our C-Motive blog and newly redesigned web site. Here, you can follow our progress as we bring our capacitive electric machinery to market. First and foremost, our focus is on creating cost-saving products for OEMs, but we also take pride in the historic significance of our inventions. Both our motor and our coupler build upon Benjamin Franklin’s original explorations of how electricity is stored and transmitted.

Franklin proved that he could create mechanical motion using electrostatic forces, but he couldn’t create the torque and force necessary to produce any useful work, much less to be commercially viable. So arose Michael Watt’s steam engine, Michael Faraday’s electromagnetic motor, and ultimately Nikola Tesla’s inductive motor design, the modern age industrial workhorse.

Nothing fundamental has changed in how electric power is used within industry in the last 150 years, yet manufacturers crave a more energy- and cost-efficient alternative. C-Motive is providing the next generation in power solutions.

What C-Motive possesses that Franklin, Faraday, Tesla, and many others did not is a multidisciplinary approach to solving the capacitance problem that prevented electrostatic machines from working on an industrial scale. We’ve taken the latest advancements in electrical, mechanical and additional disciplines of engineering to create our Capacitive Technology Platform. The result is novel and elegant machines that operate without heavy magnets, copper windings, steel laminations or rare-earth materials, and that achieve efficiencies that are simply unmatched.

We’re partnering with two top global OEMs to Beta test our technology. We’re hard at work readying our products to retrofit their equipment. We’ll let you know the results as soon as we have them. 

In the meantime, peruse our site, read our published papers, look at our diagrams. We want to know your thoughts and impressions and whether you have an idea on how our Capacitive Technology Platform can help your business. We’ll provide regular updates as we discover more applications.

Thanks for reading,

Justin Reed, C-Motive CEO