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C-Motive’s transformative Capacitive Technology Platform™ is designed for a multitude of applications in the $73 billion worldwide electric machines and device market.

Each product builds upon a patented portfolio of multi-disciplined engineering innovations that sets them far apart in both efficiency and cost than similar products in existence or under development today.

The key to the success and acceptance of C-Motive’s platform is success in real-world applications. To this goal, C-Motive is partnering with two separate Fortune 1000 companies for beta tests of its Capacitive Power Coupler (CPC) in different high-volume market applications.

Each of C-Motive’s products is based on the fundamental technology of this CPC prototype. Simply put, establishing the functionality of this prototype proves the functionality of C-Motive’s other machines and devices.


C-Motive’s Products and Markets

CPC™ Capacitive Power Coupler Device

A wireless power-transfer device designed to replace high-maintenance slip rings and brushless exciters while improving control over electric machinery. One primary market is the 5- to 5000-kW diesel, gasoline and natural gas power generators (gensets) for residential/commercial backup power and off-grid uses such as construction sites. The genset market is valued in excess of $4 billion worldwide, with the CPC’s share estimated at $70 million in North America alone.  Another primary market is for use in motors in HVAC systems. The global HVAC equipment market is projected to reach $107 billion by 2016.  The CPC is less expensive, lighter and lower-maintenance compared to competing products.  The CPC also operates without expensive rare-earth materials.  It occupies half the volume and 1/10th the weight of standard brushless exciters.

C-Machine™ Capacitive Machine

C-Motive is in the final stages of prototyping this electrostatic motor, which produces high torque at less cost than any other motor on the market or under development today. The C-Machine is designed to replace existing motors but is ideally suited for high-torque, low-speed applications such as the $7.1 billion large wind turbine generator market.  To be competitive with fossil fuels, the wind turbine market must find a way to reduce costs with a lighter, cleaner and more energy efficient delivery system. The C-Machine™ is smaller than conventional motors, operates without a gearbox, and eliminates the need for copper windings, electrical steel laminations and rare earth magnet materials. The C-Machine™ is designed to run at 95 percent efficiency, cutting energy losses by a factor of three compared to conventional motors. The C-Machine is low maintenance because it is built from inexpensive stacked and recyclable aluminum plates, which are flexible and naturally self-adjust , virtually eliminating downtime and reducing repair costs.

Additional markets for these products include marine propulsion, hydraulic equipment, defense systems, servo actuators, pumps, compressors, and hybrid electric vehicles.



C-Motive will spotlight the successful beta testing of the CPC to validate the functionality of its transformative Capacitive Technology Platform via customer relationship building as well as digital and traditional media. 

C-Motive is not actively soliciting investments at this time. Anyone who would like to know more about the technology may contact CEO Justin Reed directly at the number and email address listed below.

 Additional information is available upon request.

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