Completing the Power Conversion Equation: C-Motive Harnesses the Force and Versatility of Capacitive Power Technology

C-Motive Technologies Inc. is proving that power conversion using electric fields is more efficient, reliable and less expensive than power conversion using electromagnetics, the standard practice worldwide today.  C-Motive is developing an electrostatic motor for multiple applications across the global $100 billion marketplace for electric motors, generators and actuators.

The C-Motive Advantage:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Near-lossless torque production
  • 3-10x greater torque per unit mass
  • Reduced size
  • No gearing for reduced maintenance
  • Constructed of inexpensive, lightweight, nonferrous materials
  • No copper windings, electrical steel laminations or heavy magnets
  • No rare earth materials

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C-Motive Turns Benjamin Franklin's Electrical Explorations into Commercial Reality

Ben Franklin built his "electric wheel," the first electrostatic motor, in 1748.  The motor worked, but was far from practical. For over two centuries scientists have tried to increase the power output to practical levels. Only now that C-Motive invented its unique technology, developed in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation, are electrostatic machines finally viable. 

Motion Without Magnets

Though scientists and engineers across the globe have tried to create similar machines for the last 250 years, C-Motive is the first to demonstrate that electrical charges can be stored in high enough densities to produce levels of torque that are practical and useful across a wide range of applications.

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